Over 15 years of combined internet marketing expertise

Our team have driven millions of visitors to websites over the years amassing a vast amount of knowledge and expertise

Online Niche Academy is a total business solution that transforms individuals into business owners as the work from home phenomenon grows exponentially. We do this with you and for you through our unique Online Niche Academy training and support program, that provides you with the know how to excel in affiliate niche marketing, so every affiliate marketter has all the elements required to succeed.

The Online Niche Academy provides a structured framework so all the pieces of your affiliate website fit together properly and your Niche Online business is developed by you with our guidance, support and using our proven training systems.

Business is just a series of steps and systems and the Online Niche Academy has created the specific steps and systems that are both proven and duplicatable, so you can repeat the process, achieve similar success yourself and the model is being used every day by people just like you and has made millions across many different products services and industries.

The Online Niche Academy team is made up of a group of entrepreneurs who have been involved in the development of successful online brands and affiliate marketing campaigns. The key to these successes is the support and guidance provided, as well as the systems and processes that create the revenues.

The Online Niche Academy team provide those people who know that the Internet and the growth in online business and services, offer the best opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and people who want to run and own small online businesses from home, with a unique online affiliate marketing template that really works.

The team are skilled in training you to identify niche markets that offer the business owner a USP (Unique Selling Proposition), systems to run and manage the online business and most importantly a mechanism to get new customers, through unique marketing programs.

In business it comes down to this:

Find new customers and give them what they want, work the hours you want and run your business from home, when you want, this is what many people now want to do to make the money they need to live a quality lifestyle.

Our team have perfected this model and now you can fast track your new online niche business with us at the Online Niche Academy, work with a dedicated group of people who have all achieved success online and now offer an opportunity to share that success with you.



The Online Niche Academy is fronted by a successful entrepeneur, with a team who have created multiple online brands, both nationally and internationally and after careful analysis of these past successes   our team realised the key to a really successful online business was a combination of uniqueness, a way to target the people who are looking and a way of not repeating past mistakes by having to reinvent the wheel each time.

Helping people learn new skills and understanding the structure of a successful business and yet keeping it simple works best. This is the key to building a niche online business that can provide that work from home lifestyle and personal freedom many people are striving for, without the requirement for stock or staff, which adds a cost and responsibility to the business. Keep it simple that is the key.

Helping people create money from their own efforts and providing the foundations so many more can start are what primarily attracted the team to developing a specific online academy, that focusses only on developing niche markets, so the affiliate marketing business owner actually owns their own online space or niche.

A laser beam focus into your specific niche market and a killer marketing system succeeds best. Using real world online marketing experience and more importantly successful administration support and training including mentoring, bridges the reality gap of those who want to try and those who want to succeed.

Stop wasting time and money on business ideas that don’t and won’t work, let the Online Niche Academy rescue your dreams of owning a real and successful business that fills a niche and creates money: Do not suffer the frustrations of taking the wrong approach let the Academy help aspiring entrepreneurs build their dream online business.

We provide multiple training mediums, including one on one training, group sessions , manuals and video support, online email, chat line and a direct 0800 number so you get the guidance, content and training you need to succeed.



The Team at the Online Niche Academy have experienced true success online and have used systems and strategies that have influenced more online business people in more countries and locations than you can imagine: Did we invent all the systems, NO…

These approaches are the secret weapons of the most successful online entrepreneurs and been honed and developed for years by the industry leaders and the simple fact is that by using the right systems and the right strategies you can ensure you start your online business and you know you are applying proven and measurable resources to ensure you succeed. We will teach you what to do how to do it and when to do it.

Our dedicated team will share with you the blueprint for on line success and using all the knowledge we have acquired from attending power weekends with the kings of the industry, letters, emails, articles, blogs, webinars, workshops, and a ton of practical business experience which have allowed us to develop a simple set of steps that cut through the online jungle and deliver results.

We are experts in setting up affiliate marketing relationships and our training is going to share that with you, you will learn all about web presence, affiliate marketing, email marketing, follow up marketing, product development, branding, identifying the USP’s and administration, so everything runs online from a lap top.

Each month the Online Niche Academy will save you hundreds of hours by simply fast tracking your learning curve and leveraging your results, we will show you how to find the niche and own it so you can work as hard as you want to exploit your online advantage.

Your success will be built on the back of our experience so you can walk a mile in our shoes, to ensure you spend your time and money on the things that matter and the things that work.

This is not just a system, it is an actual recipe for online success for those people who dedicate the time required to learn how to succeed using our Academy and our prior successes in niche online and affiliate opportunities.

If it sounds complicated, it isn’t

You’ll quickly understand our processes and approach and be able to create measurable and repeatable results and reduce the stress that usually comes with running a business.

The tools and training modules, the one on one aspect of our academy training, which includes live online collaborations, allow us to deliver to you the quickest route to online success.

At the Online Niche Academy, we will not only introduce you to the opportunity of owning a successful online niche affiliate marketing business, but we will guide you personally, so you are ahead of the curve and you will learn how to target and convert prospects, turning your own niche market into your own niche cash cow.

Be more effective, live a quality life and spend your time how you want to by tapping into the biggest trending change in business in a thousand years.

Online niche business and online affiliate marketing.

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